How to Measure for Custom Outdoor Blinds

We’ve made it easy to customise your Roller Blinds to fit your outdoor living area perfectly.

  1. Determine if your Outdoor Roller Blinds will be will be installed to a wall, on posts or in between posts.
    1. If being fitted to a wall it is recommended that the blind extends 100mm either side of the window frame (this helps to provide fabric coverage).
    2. If being fitted to a post please allow at least 55mm from the edge of the post. If two blinds are butting together on the same post, it must be at least 110mm in width.
    3. When mounting in between posts, provide a tight measure at the top where the brackets will be mounted.
  2. Measure the vertical size of your patio or living area to determine the drop of your new Blind.
    1. If fitting to a wall it is recommended that the blinds be placed above the window opening if the height is available. When mounting on posts and in between posts it is recommended to take 3 drop measurements to find the shortest dimensions. (This will help to correct an uneven floor).
Available Sizes
Maximum outdoor blind width: 3800mm
Maximum outdoor blind drop: 3000mm
Note: Width is taken bracket to bracket which is 80mm wider than the fabric.
Note: For large sizes the joins will be located according to the various fabric widths.
NOTE: We cannot take responsibility for blinds not fitting when made to supplied sizes. All remakes will be chargeable. Please ensure all measurements are 100% correct.