Marka – Clear Patio Blinds / Outdoor Blinds

From: $69.00

Create a comfortable living area for entertaining or relaxing in your outdoor area. Ideal for year-round weather conditions, protects from the rain, light winds, and sun while retaining the view.

  • Made from 0.50mm thick PVC
  • Protects from light wind and rain (roll up blinds in medium to high winds to avoid damage)
  • Easy to operate rope & pulley system
  • Keep out the elements while retaining the view
  • Includes child safety features
  • Full installation instructions included with purchase
  • 240cm drop / height – includes 20cm bottom flap – see sizing diagram


The simple roll-up mechanism allows easy opening and closing.
Adding a Zip Joiner allows you to join other Patio Blinds together for larger patios or outdoor areas, while the anchor provides a complete seal to your patio.


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