Magnetic Fly & Insect Screen Installation Instructions

Prepare your window frames –Prepare your surface – Thoroughly clean your window frames where you want to stick the magnet.

Mounts to window frame Mounts to the mesh screen

Step 1.

Measure your window frames then cut Magnet Part A into strips to suit. Trim them at a 45 degree angle. Once these are cut to size you can fremove the plastic backing and carefully stick them to your windows.

Step 2.

Now cut your Magnet Part B Strips so they fit perfectly on top of the Magnet Part A. Do not remove the plastic backing until they are perfectly cut and sitting on top.

Step 3.

Remove the plastic backing strip to expose the adhesive, now very carefully lay the mesh on top of the strips and push down to make contact with the adhesive. Be very careful to keep the mesh square with the adhesive and flat. Push down to ensure the adhesive sticks to the mesh well.

Step 4.

Carefully trim the excess mesh from the magnet frame.

Step 5.

Carefully add the corner stickers to the side of the magnet frame to increase strength.

Step 6.

Apply a weight to the magnet frame on top of the mesh for 24 hours to ensure the adhesive fully bonds to the mesh.